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PVL DOMIN8 Pre-Workout

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• Canadian owned
• Manufacturing their own products outside of Vancouver, Canada.
• Sell to over 100 countries.
• Sister companies include Mutant, North Coast Naturals
• Known for taste, fair value, consistent availability.
• PVL is very sport focused. Mutant’s focus is for the more hardcore gym goer but PVL has adopted an all encompassing strategy. This much softer marketing approach appeals for the more sports-minded consumer.

PVL has a Gold Series and Performance Series.
• Gold Series is a more high-end line and is typically where the real innovation is first out.
    o Gold Series products include 100% Whey Iso Gold, EAA-BCAA Complete, Keto Boom and Glutamine Gold+.
• Performance Series is seen as a cleaner product as these products are drug tested, have a natural focus and supply more foundational single ingredient products.
    o Performance Series products include 100% Pure BCAA, 100% Pure Glutamine and 100% Creapure Creatine. 


DOMIN8 formula provides 26-gram full scoop or 13-gram half scoop options.

Directions read to take ½ a scoop but they list doses of each ingredient in ½ scoop and 1 full scoop.
A ½ scoop serving is a great place to start to test tolerance as some consumers may be sensitive to caffeine.
There are 20 full scoop servings of 40 half scoop servings.
PRICE is REG $54.95 / $42.99 on sale now with a free shaker
• Cost per serving
    o REG price - $2.75 per serv (20) or $1.37 (40)
    o Current SALE (at the time of the review) is $2.15 per serv (20s servs) or $1.07 (40 servs)


• 8g L-Citrulline Malate – for PUMP
• 500 mg Nitrosigine (Stabilized Arginine Silicate)– for PUMP
• 2 Stage Timed Release Caffeine (360 mg net caffeine)
    o Caffeine Anhydrous + Caffeine Citrate – allows for less of a crash from caffeine – think time release protein.
• 3.2 grams Beta-Alanine = more reps! Stronger in the higher rep ranges
• No Creatine in formula – great for those who don’t want Creatine in their pre-workout and if you do then you can grab PVL’s Creapure.
• Razor Sharp Focus (extended bouts of intense sports demand brain focus to remain optimal – DOMIN8 delivers)
    o 250 mg Lions Mane (full dose)
    o 600 mg Tyrosine
    o 10 mg Huperzine A (1%)
    o 250 mg L-Theanine (takes edge off and sensory effect of caffeine)
• Pink Himalayan Salt & Aquamin – Natural electrolytes for long duration sporting events.
• 10.2 g – BioPerine – for better absorption
• Informed Choice Tested – Safe for Sport (very rare of ANY pre-workouts to be Informed Choice tested)
DOMIN8 is currently available in 3 amazing flavours - Artic Blue Slush (also in stick packs), Peach Mango Punch and Tropical Knockout.

At the time of this review is running a killer promotion – right now we have it on sale for $42.99 plus you get a free shaker.


DOMIN8 Jell-O Shots

1 scoop of PVL DOMIN8 (we used Tropical Knockout)
1 package of Sugar Free Jell-O (we used Strawberry)
2 cups water

Mix 1 scoop of PVL DOMIN8 into 1 cup of water (mix in a PVL shaker for optimal results)
Bring 1 cup of water to a boil in a pot.
Add 1 package of Sugar Free Jell-O to the boiling water and stir until even consistency.
Remove Jell-O mixture from the stove and let cool slightly. Add PVL DOMIN8 from shaker bottle.
Stir until even consistency.
Pour even amounts into reusable muffin cups.
Let cool and solidify in fridge overnight.
Enjoy before your next workout or gaming event!

Grab a bottle today by clicking HERE!

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