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5 Diet Mistakes That Will Derail Your Progress

5 Diet Mistakes That Will Derail Your Progress

When you take on a commitment such as pursuing a personal fitness goal, you want to make sure you can do everything possible to set yourself up for success. That also means doing everything you can to avoid the mistakes that could set you back. Most people that want to get in shape have training down pat, but it’s the diet and nutrition aspect that they struggle with. They can dedicate themselves to eating healthier, but there are multiple pitfalls and mistakes that could ultimately halt your progress or make the climb more difficult than it needs to be. If you can sidestep these five traps, then your journey will be more successful and enjoyable in the long run.

1. Going to the Grocery Store Hungry and Unprepared

You may have heard this one outside of the fitness space, but it definitely applies if you’re dieting or trying to reach a physique goal. Eating a meal before you go on the shopping trip can help you make the best choices because you’re not thinking about satisfying your appetite in that moment. Conversely, going to the store hungry may lead you to making more convenient choices, and most of those choices aren’t the best for getting leaner or stronger.
Compounding that issue is if you go shopping without a specific list of what you need. Yes, you may have a great memory, but it can be easy to forget something or get distracted and grab something else you shouldn’t because you need to get out quickly.

Fortunately, you can avoid both of these mistakes by eating a healthy meal before you head to the store and work on a shopping list while you have that meal. Following this approach will help you get in the store, get everything you need, and get out without buying something you shouldn’t. This is the equivalent of taking two steps forward without having to take one back.

2. Eat Randomly without Accounting for It

Have you ever found yourself doing something around the office or house and grabbing a cookie or piece of candy right next to you? How about when you’re watching TV and finishing that bag of chips you started while watching a movie? All these things are easy to do, and individually they may not be a big deal, but after a few bites, the calories start adding up.

That isn’t really the biggest mistake that I’m talking about here. The mistake is not counting those calories or taking those snacks into account when you’re determining what you’ve eaten that day. If you know that there is a chance you’re going to have something like that, at least plan for it so you know how many calories you need to burn while training or adjust your meal plan so you won’t beat yourself up for making another mistake or giving in to temptation. That frustration can mentally affect you, which could physically affect you as well.

3. Skip Prepping Meals in Advance

A lot of diet mistakes can be credited to time, whether that means trying to save time by grabbing something convenient or not making the most out of the time you have. If you’re already going to be cooking a meal for yourself, then it makes sense to go ahead and prepare a few more servings to have for later. For example, if you must travel for work and need to eat, pulling off at a fast-food restaurant can be really tempting. Then, you stare at the menu and order a couple of extra items so you don’t get hungry later. Next thing you know, you just bought over 1,000 calories that will set you back considerably. You’ve worked too hard for too long to let a mistake like this cost you.

Instead, go ahead and throw a couple more chicken breasts or fish fillets on and store them in Tupperware with some veggies or rice. That way, if you get hungry on the road, you can pull off at a convenience store, throw one in the microwave, and actually got another step closer to your goals.

4. Not Drinking Enough Water

This is a big one that many beginners get caught on. Drinking water is essential for general health and wellness. If you’re active, then that takes its importance up another notch. Yes, you mix water with the protein powder, pre-workouts, and you have other liquids throughout the day. It also may be tastier than plain water, but that doesn’t mean it’s as beneficial. Drinking regular water throughout the day is of the utmost importance. Just being slightly dehydrated can affect your performance in the gym, which can affect your overall improvement. Yes, you may have to go to the bathroom more often, but here is a trick that can help with that.

As soon as you wake up, try to drink a liter of water. This will very likely be the bulk of the water you drink throughout the day, and having it now will help you go to the bathroom earlier in the day as well. After your breakfast, have a glass of water with each meal as well as another liter during your workout until dinner. By the time you get to dinner, you will have likely drunk all the water you need throughout the day, or at the least, you’re very close.

5. Following the Wrong Plan for the Wrong Reasons

There are a lot of nutrition plans out there, and advocates for all of them can promote their choice as if it’s the only logical one to make. The fact is there is no “one diet fits all” approach. Some people feel that there is, and they try to force themselves into doing something they will not enjoy or stay consistent with. If you’re a fan of steak and chicken, then going vegan is going to be very difficult to say the least. If you like fruits, grains, and a variety of options, then going straight Paleo or Carnivore diet doesn’t make sense, either.

Avoid this mistake by doing your research, finding the plan that you think you can stay the most consistent with, and dedicating yourself to that as much as possible. Following something you won’t like or can’t stick to is like banging your head against a brick wall and expecting the brick to feel the pain from it. Don’t bang your head for no reason. Pick a plan for you, have confidence in yourself to follow it, and focus on taking It a meal at a time going forward. As long as you see progress, it will be the right choice for you.

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