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420+1 Sale - One more day to Save BIG on Snacks & Greens + Free Shipping on Orders > $99
Pump Stack - Make Veins your Game!

Pump Supplement Stack

As you move forward on your fitness journey, you may find yourself eventually hitting a plateau in terms of muscle growth, and a pump supplement stack may be just the thing to help you push past those bumps in the road and set you up for success. The right supplement stack supports your short- and long-term fitness goals and is an invaluable tool in your workout arsenal.

The ideal pump supplement stack increases blood flow to your muscles, allowing you to lift more and stimulate muscle growth faster and more efficiently. It should also help slow muscle fatigue, letting you work out harder for longer to achieve that chiseled physique you’ve always wanted.

What is the Best Pre-Workout/Pump Stack?


Nitric oxide is a physiological compound that stimulates muscle growth by increasing blood flow. However, because pure nitric oxide is a gas, it can’t be ingested directly.
Enter arginine! Arginine is an amino acid that your body readily converts to nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to your muscles. Delivering more blood flow enhances pumps, giving you greater muscle growth in less time.


Citrulline is a close relative of arginine, and in fact, it’s converted into arginine by the body once ingested. However, citrulline is absorbed more easily by your body, making it an ideal booster to your regular arginine supplement. Some research shows that citrulline also slows down muscle fatigue, allowing you to blast through more reps and build muscle faster.


Your body needs a specific enzyme—nitric oxide synthase—to convert arginine to nitric oxide. To maximize the conversion rate, it’s a good idea to increase your levels of this enzyme. Pycnogenol is a flavonoid antioxidant that increases the activity of the enzyme, boosting nitric oxide production and allowing you to maximize your gains from pumps.

Recommended Supplements for Your Pump Stack

  • Mammoth Pump. Mammoth Pump is a classic choice for increasing energy, boosting endurance, and enhancing performance. This pre-workout supplement has a healthy dose of citrulline, along with beta-alanine and creatine for superior muscle pumps.
    Bonus: it comes in tasty fruit flavours!
  • Allmax Impact Pump. From the supplement experts at Allmax comes this citrulline-packed punch of muscle-stimulating power. In addition to a whopping 4g of citrulline, you also get 300mg of lion’s mane and 1g of glycerol, supporting neurocognitive function to deliver laser focus during your workouts.
  • Yummy Sports Gorilla Pump. Get ready to take your workouts to the next level with this groundbreaking formula that includes 3g of citrulline to maximize pumps and supercharge your workouts by increasing gains in muscle strength, power, and endurance.
  • ProSupps Mr. Hyde Nitrox. Available in several delicious flavours, ProSupps packs 500mg of citrulline along with energy-boosting caffeine and performance-enhancing creatine for a well-rounded supplement that’s sure to pump up any workout for quicker, more efficient muscle gain.

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