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Shirtless man doing a shoulder workout at the gym.

The Best Shoulder Workouts for Mass

Your shoulders are one of the most complex areas of your body, with multiple joints and muscle groups working together to create strength and mobility. There are also many supporting structures that make movement possible, so it’s important to focus on strengthening them to build mass in this area, along with improving stability.

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the benefits of shoulder workouts as well as the best types of shoulder workouts to gain mass.

Benefits of Shoulder Workouts

Shoulder workouts are essential in achieving your lifting goals. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your upper body for the many health benefits (pain reduction, enhancing function, and more), or you’re chasing that perfect V-shape to build your confidence, shoulder workouts are an important part of your routine, and they’re easily overlooked in favour of more popular exercises.

Not only will you reach your fitness goals faster when you try out these shoulder exercises for mass, but you’ll also help prevent injury so that you can keep lifting in the long-term.

Best Types of Shoulder Exercises to Gain Mass

Overhead Press

This easy exercise places minimal stress on your joints while still working multiple muscle groups. To perform this press, stand with your feet spread shoulder-width apart, and press two dumbbells upward, with your palms facing each other until your arms are straight. Keep your elbows in as you lift, and then lower your hands before repeating the motion.

Push Press

This simple but powerful move involves a dip drive of the legs with the barbell moving straight up from shoulder level, “pushing” it upwards, and then lowering it back down to shoulder level. Perform 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps.

Seated Barbell Press

If using dumbbells seems more intuitive to you, that’s a viable option, but the barbell allows you more control over your range of motion, adapting it to your strength and level of flexibility.

Arnold Press

Named after its movie star inventor, the Arnold Press involves sitting on a bench with dumbbells in front of you, then pushing them over your head while rotating your arms. Then straighten, pause, and move them in the opposite direction.

Upright Row

Grab a dumbbell in each hand, then lift them vertically up towards your collarbone. Your elbows should face the ceiling. Once you reach this position, lower the dumbbells, and repeat the motion for 8-10 reps. For this move, it’s important not to hold too closely; spread your grip wide to avoid injury.

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