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Spring Cleaning Event - Save up to 80% on Clearance Supps + Free Shipping on Orders > $99
Man making a supplement stack for mass.

Supplement Stack for Mass

Building mass is hard work, and sometimes even when you’re strict on your diet and diligent about your workouts, you just need an extra boost to help you during those frustrating plateaus. Supplement stacks are a great way to enhance performance to help you work out harder and longer, and to aid in recovery between workouts for optimal gains.

What is the Best Stack for Gaining Mass?

Stacking supplements allows you to take advantage of the various benefits offered by each, and some ingredients work better together to deliver superior results.

Mix this stack into a tasty protein shake, and drink about 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your workouts for maximum effect on muscle mass, strength, and recovery.

Whey protein (20g)

Protein forms the building blocks of muscle, and whey protein is one of the best supplements around for its quick absorption, ample amino acids, and peptides that boost blood flow. Post-workout, take 20-30g of whey protein for effective recovery.

Creatine (3-5g)

Clinically proven by hundreds of studies, creatine is the ultimate enhancement for building mass and strength. We recommend taking 3-5g a day to boost your performance.

Casein (10-20g)

Along with whey, casein is a major source of milk protein, and as a result, they work better together. Casein has been shown to increase protein synthesis (which is needed for muscle growth) and improves recovery between workouts. When taken with whey, it generates more mass than whey on its own.

Beta-alanine (1-2g)

Taken alongside creatine, this amino acid boosts its muscle-building effects and has been proven to be more effective when paired with creatine than simply taking creatine alone, allowing subjects to gain more muscle mass and lose more body fat.

Additional Supplements to Enhance Your Stack

  • Weight gainers - Building muscle requires plenty of calories and protein. In addition to a healthy diet, consider supplements that contain the extra carbohydrates and protein you need to stimulate muscle growth.
  • Pre-workouts with stimulants - Supplements containing caffeine, tyrosine, and COQ10 can add a much-needed energy boost to your workouts, allowing you to lift heavier weights for longer periods, and make a great addition to supplement stacks for mass.
  • Testosterone boosters - Testosterone is an important male hormone that is key to gaining muscle and building strength. Boost it naturally using supplements that contain ingredients like forskolin and carnitine.

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