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How Much Pre-Workout Should I Take?

When you're looking for sustained energy and physical support, a pre-workout supplement is definitely the best option. These supplements are a go-to for fitness enthusiasts of every type, and it is not without reason. Pre-workouts support your energy, can bump up your strength, and even keep you working out longer.

Formulated with different ingredients that give the body valuable nutrients to deliver what you need, pre-workouts can make a difference in your overall endurance. However, many often ask: “how much pre-workout should I take?” Here's a closer look.

How Much Pre-Workout Should I Take a Day?

Always look at the recommendations given on the product label. Different pre-workout supplements can have different types and different amounts of ingredients. Most products will give you a certain dosage recommendation to be taken once per day. However, again, this can differ depending on product ingredients.

Something with caffeine or taurine may state to use the product once daily, whereas products made with just whey protein and vitamins may be acceptable to take more than once. Supplements made with creatine are also usually only taken once per day. This is because the body can only absorb a set amount of creatine in a day, so if you take extra, the product is simply passed through the body and wasted.

To ensure you are getting the suggested dosage on the product label, we recommend weighing your pre-workout using a kitchen scale rather than relying on a scoop for measurement as weighing it will be far more accurate.

How Long Before Exercising Should I Use Pre-Workout?

The consensus with most products is to take the pre-workout supplement about 30 to 45 minutes before starting to work out. However, different ingredients reach their peak effectiveness or get absorbed by the body in different time frames. For example, caffeine may take about 60 minutes to kick in but can last for several hours after consumption. Likewise, something like arginine can take up to 90 minutes to kick in. By planning to take your supplement at least a half-hour before your workout, the positive effects should settle in soon after you get started.

How Long Does Pre-Workout Last?

How long a pre-workout supplement lasts depends on the ingredients in the product primarily. However, several other factors can influence how long you feel the effects or whether your body reaps the proposed benefits. A few examples of other influencing factors include:

  • How much of certain ingredients are consumed
  • Your overall body weight and mass
  • Your personal sensitivity to the ingredients in the supplement
  • How much of a pre-workout supplement you consume within a set time frame

As far as ingredients go, each can have its own half-life in the body. For example, caffeine can last around five hours or more, while arginine works for as long as two hours.

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