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Fitness Calculators To Help You Reach Your Goals

Fitness Calculators to Help You Reach Your Goals

Fitness calculators allow for a more structured and objective method of providing important data when setting and smashing goals. Although numbers are not the all-important element in elevating your fitness levels they do provide a reasonable starting point to structure your fitness program around. has provided fitness calculators to assist you in your fitness goals:

1. Calculate your base calories to know how much food you require daily with our TDEE Calculator. From there you can strategically add or subtract calories to suit your physique needs.

2. Determine your maximum heart rate with our Maximum Heart Rate Calculator to customize your cardio sessions to meet your cardiovascular needs.

3. Everyone wants to know “how much you bench bro”. Use our One Rep Max (1RM) Calculator to determine your max lifts without having to max out. This is also an invaluable tool to help establish weights to be used on a strength focused program.

4. BMI or Body Mass Index is a value calculated from your height and mass/weight, and can be used to determine your general body type.  It is a standard formula used by doctors to determine health based on a patient's bodyweight.  Use our BMI Calculator to one up your doc during your yearly checkup! lives the fitness lifestyle and we know the importance of fitness calculators. Keep checking back as we plan to add more calculators to help you achieve your goals. These calculators may give you an unfair advantage over your average gym goer…. use them wisely. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.


All Our Calculators

TDEE Calculator

TDEE Calculator

The perfect starting point when creating your diet plan.  Determine your base calories that you burn daily and adjust from there.

Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

Fine tune your cardio sessions by employing percentages of your estimated maximum heart rate.

1MR - One Rep Max Calculator

Calculate your max weight, max reps or percentages for a more objective approach to program design.

 BMI Calculator - Old School Scale

BMI Calculator

Doctor's use this number to determine your general health with respect to your bodyweight. Know before they know!