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Whey vs Creatine: Should You Take Both?

Looking to boost muscle mass and give your workout performance a boost? If you're all about those big gains, there are two supplements that are bound to come across your radar: whey and creatine. These two totally different supplements offer similar benefits, so whey vs creatine comes up a lot in the fitness world. Below is a quick overview of whey protein vs creatine, which is better for whom, and more.

What is Creatine? 

Your muscles naturally produce creatine, which is simply an organic compound that supports biological actions within bodily tissues. However, creatine can also be found in certain foods like meat in small quantities. This particular compound is responsible for supporting production of energy, especially when you're doing a lot of heavy lifting or really pushing your muscles to their limits. When you take creatine supplements, this may help to continuously provide your muscles with the energy they need. This can mean a better level of endurance, improved strength, and potentially an increase in lean muscle mass.

What is Whey?

Whey is a protein derived from dairy products. Usually, whey protein comes from isolating the specific proteins during the production of cheese. Once these proteins are isolated, they can be dehydrated to create a powder. This form of protein is actually considered one of the best when it comes to protein supplementation. Whey protein has been shown to help build lean muscle mass, enhance recovery times, and possibly improve workout endurance and strength.

The Difference Between Whey Protein and Creatine

While both whey protein and creatine offer similar benefits for people who work out or work on building muscles, the two also have a few differences. The primary differences with whey vs creatine include:

  • Whey is derived from dairy, while creatine is synthetically produced 
  • Whey ups protein in the body, while creatine boosts creatine energy in the muscles 
  • Whey is considered a top-quality protein, while creatine is an important nutrient 
  • Whey may be better for supporting muscular recovery than creatine 
  • Whey is only found in dairy, while creatine is found in many foods but in small quantities 

Which is Better: Whey Protein or Creatine?

So, which is better, creatine or whey protein? There really is no clear winner here, and it can really depend on personal fitness goals and whether you feel you need more of one or the other in your diet.

Both supplements can support fitness goals, albeit in different ways but with similar outcomes. For example, both whey protein and creatine are known to support muscle growth. Because the two are actually two totally different types of supplements, some fitness enthusiasts choose to keep both in their daily regimens. 

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In the end, both whey protein and creatine supplements are an easy way to give your muscles some added support. Ready to add one of these supplements to your fitness regimen? Be sure to check out the extensive collection of whey protein supplements and creatine supplements at

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