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Best Types of Energy Boosting Supplements

Healthy eating, exercise and quality sleep are the best ways to ensure your energy can match your determination and drive. However, as much as we would all like to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and eat only wholesome, energy-giving foods, life gets in the way of even the best laid plans. So, when you are looking for that extra boost of feel-good energy that can help keep you performing at your peak, there are a number of great options available in your favourite supplement stores. To help ensure our customers know which supplements are best-in-class for energy boosting, we’ve covered several of our favourites below.


A go-to energy-booster within the fitness community, creatine is easily absorbed into the body to give you that quick burst of much-needed energy during your workouts. This naturally-occurring substance is made up of amino acids, which are found in high protein foods, like meat and seafood. Easily amp up your daily dose by supplementing with creatine for additional energy that is safe and effective – not to mention supportive of muscle building and bulking.

Caffeine with L-Theanine

Combining caffeine supplementation with l-theanine not only assists with uplifting a tired body but it’s also been shown to be effective in supporting enhanced cognitive performance. This supplement is good for keeping your focus on the mat, so your mind and body can get the workout they need.

Vitamin B12

When you are deficient in B vitamins, you are more likely to experience fatigue. While you can certainly get your daily dose of vitamin B by eating a well-rounded diet, if you are a vegetarian or vegan – or you are cutting to achieve particular body goals – you may be at a higher risk of missing out on these energy-giving vitamins. By supplementing with B-12, you can help ensure your body has the energy you need to ward off sluggishness and return to the gym ready to lift.


There can be more than just a lack of sleep accounting for low energy levels. When you are coping with stress and anxiety, you may be more likely to feel run down. Ashwagandha is something called an adaptogen that helps increase energy levels while also enhancing your ability to cope with stress by reducing cortisol levels.

Recommended Supplements for Energy

Now that you better understand the benefits of these various supplements, it may be helpful to know exactly how to get your hands on them. We have listed several of the supplements we know and trust for providing energy in ways that align with our day-to-day needs and health and safety best practices.

Yummy Sports K-Energy:

If you want to kick your morning coffee habit or toss out the sugary energy drinks without losing out on the energy boost they provide, consider mixing in Yummy Sports K-energy gummies. These keto-friendly gummies are low carb and low sugar, and they include Green Coffee Extract and caffeine, so they are perfect for enhancing energy without the cream and sugar.

Allmax Amino Cuts:

Get naturally sourced caffeine (taurine) to tackle your early morning workouts while also benefitting from Green Coffee Bean extract and l-carnitine for carb burning that fuels your body and burns fat.

Cellucor C4 Original:

With creatine, amino acids and caffeine, Cellucor C4 Original provides an explosive amount of energy and narrowed in focus that will position you for exactly the kind of pump session you are after. A longtime favourite of weightlifters, this supplement is for athletes looking to take their workouts to the next level.

Optimum Essential Amino Energy:

Caffeine for energy and focus, fast amino acid delivery and no sugar make this energy elixir and muscle recovery supplement a great choice for on-the-go supplementation with well-rounded benefits (and zero guilt).

Femme Fit Lean Amino Energy:

Designed especially for women, this supplement is packed full of iron, which can be especially important for maintaining energy levels during menstruation. Fortified with amino acids and boasting caffeine and Green Coffee Bean extract, this Femme Fit energy supplement gives you all the energy you need with zero sugar – and a delicious taste!

Energize Your Workouts with

Instead of dragging yourself to the gym or dreading a long day at the office, you can shake up your routine with energy supplements that will change the way you think about and approach your healthy lifestyle. When coffee just isn’t cutting it, or you’ve decided you want to toss out the cup of joe for something that offers more fulsome energy support, shop the best-in-class energy supplements at

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