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How To Boost Testosterone Levels

How to Boost Testosterone Levels

There are many reasons why you may want to boost your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a key hormone that supports your ability to build muscle, your sex drive, and overall mental and physical fitness. While testosterone naturally decreases over time, with the right dietary and lifestyle choices, you can slow this process and see immediate and long-term benefits you will definitely appreciate.

If you are searching for natural ways to get that boost of testosterone you may feel like you are missing or if you just want to maximize what you’ve got, here are some great natural ways to go about it.

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Using chemically derived testosterone can come with side effects, and usually it’s not a viable or healthy long-term option. Testosterone therapies are typically only intended for individuals who can’t naturally create enough of the hormone on their own or those who are undergoing medical treatments that may be compromising.

Natural ways of boosting your testosterone empower you to get the benefits you are after, without the risks of side effects of chemical alternatives. So, let’s look at some research-backed therapies that enable you to increase your body’s ability to produce this essential male sex hormone.

1. Maintain a Balanced and Healthy Diet

Eating well is important for so many reasons. A well-rounded diet that puts whole foods and healthy fats at its forefront will help you keep all your hormone levels balanced. Consistency, inclusive of good fats and carbohydrates, is key for testosterone production.

Some great food options for testosterone boosting include:

  • Raw fish
  • Meat, meat, and more meat
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado
  • Nuts

2. Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep will not only prevent you from making it to your early morning gym session, but it will also create chemical imbalances. Ensuring you are getting a reasonable seven to eight hours each night will prevent steep decreases in testosterone and fend off premature aging.

3. Try to Reduce Stress

Coping with long-term stress is extremely unhealthy and one of the leading causes of negative health outcomes. Increased cortisol levels will destabilize your testosterone production, so try to limit the level of stress you are exposing yourself to OR develop healthy mechanisms to deal with it.

4. Steer Clear of Drugs and Alcohol

Drinking and drug use can wreak havoc on your body. A week of consecutive alcohol intake has been shown to affect the hormone system. Heavier drinkers can even show physical changes as a result of testosterone loss, including thinning hair.

5. Get Fit and Lose Weight

Workouts that focus on weight building will help build up your testosterone levels. It’s important not to overdo it, but intentionally working out your muscles will boost your T levels. Couple this with a healthy diet and you will have a much easier time keeping your hormone levels where you want them.

6. Introduce Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are a great way to encourage your body’s natural ability to create and put your testosterone to good use. From something as simple as Vitamin D through to more complex pre-workout compounds, what’s most important is understanding the quality and dosing you need. 

At, you will be able to find a wide range of testosterone boosters to meet your needs. We offer several different brands and countless products you can incorporate into your day-to-day routine to achieve your fitness goals, including ensuring your T levels are in tip-top shape.


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