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Whey Protein vs Whey Isolate

Adding a whey protein supplement to your dietary intake offers a host of impressive benefits. Whether you are working to build muscle, lose weight, or simply keep your energy levels sustained, whey protein can deliver. There are two primary types of whey protein to choose from: whey protein and whey isolate. Check out the rundown on whey protein vs whey isolate to help you pick the best supplement for your fitness goals.

What is Whey Concentrate?

Whey concentrate, also known as whey protein, is a form of concentrated protein that comes from milk. During the process of manufacturing cheese, whey is often filtered out. This by-product can be used for its high protein content. Whey protein contains each of the nine essential amino acids the body needs, which makes it a complete protein source. The protein percentage in whey concentrates can vary depending on the filtration process used and the product quality.

What is Whey Isolate?

Whey isolate is a more refined type of protein concentrate. While the protein comes from the same source (milk), the protein is put through a unique microfiltration process to create a purer protein source. One advantage of the microfiltration process is additional solids are removed, which means more protein gram for gram than whey concentrate. However, isolates can also have fewer calories, fats, and carbs, as well as less lactose.

The Difference Between Whey Protein and Whey Isolate

Even though both whey protein and whey isolate come from the same source and offer awesome nutritional support, the two proteins do have differences to consider. The main difference between whey protein and whey isolate is the fact that isolate is often considered a "cleaner," higher protein source. Other differences between the two include:

  • Whey isolate contains as much as 90% or more protein, while concentrate can have less (around 80% or less)
  • Whey concentrate can have more calories and fat than whey protein isolate
  • Whey isolate is a lower carb option than whey concentrate
  • Whey isolate is usually suitable for people following a lactose-free diet, while whey concentrate does contain more lactose
  • Whey concentrate is usually the more affordable option than whey isolate

Which Is Better: Whey Protein or Whey Isolate?

Choosing between whey protein vs isolate is really a matter of what you are looking for in a good protein supplement, your personal dietary goals, and your budget. Both types of protein supplements have their advantages, and both can be good sources of additional protein. However, the small differences between the two can mean one or the other is more fitting. For example, since whey isolate is higher in protein and lower in carbs, this can be a better choice for cutting season or for someone looking to lose weight and build lean muscle. On the other hand, someone looking for a lower-cost protein supplement who is not concerned about carbs or calories may be happy with whey concentrate.

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